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December 31, 2018

ISM - The world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks.

Carmel will be present at the world's leading trade fair for sweets and snacks! ISM represents the entire industrial value chain. From 26.01.2019 – 29.01.2019, the trade fair will once again turn the cathedral city Cologne - Germany. Click the button to find out more.

February 25, 2018

SIAL Canada and SET Canada 2018 - Come and visit us at this fair.

Carmel will be exhibiting its latest innovative candies with our partner LUXURY GOURMET at the SIAL Canada and SET Canada 2018 exhibit, which will take place on May 2-3-4 at the Palais des Congrés de Montréal. To find out more just click the button.

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Imagine. Chocolate that only melts in the mouth, nowhere else. And without altering the taste or the structure of the chocolate. Is it possible? We did it. It's new, it's delicious, it's deserved and it's different.



Our heat resistant chocolate is placed next to a warm cup of hot tea

... and compared to a standard sticky and melting chocolate.




This chocolate - although HEAT RESISTANT (> 90 C°) - deliciously unfolds its flavour in the mouth, before finally melting away without leaving any trace or stickiness. Once people have tasted it, they want more. It simply is irresistible!




Due to a unique and entirely different production process, we managed to give the unique tactile and taste experience that makes them superior to any other chocolate product. It doesn't melt when exposed to a heat source. Only in the mouth, through the combination of biting and body temperature, does this chocolate give away their wonderful flavour, resulting in a constant and continuous taste experience. In the end, it melts away without leaving any impression of stickiness.




It's a paradox we know. Although it doesn't melt except in the mouth, yet they have a very easy bite. That makes them an exceptionally suitable treat for seniors as well as small children. Because of their resistance to heat, you would expect them to be hard, but on the contrary, they gently melt away in the mouth, giving a unique chocolate taste experience all the way to the end.




We have put all our ambition, strength and professional love into realizing this wonderful, innovative chocolate product. Now it's here. Just as we experience it as a deserved reward for our very hard struggle, we now present it to you and your end customers as a well deserved treat after an intense effort. We have earned the satisfaction of creating a unique chocolate product and so do you.




Due to its outstanding and unprecedented resistance to extreme ambient heat (except in the human mouth),  it offers trailblazing advantages as to packaging, storage and transport.


  • No special packaging (alu foil, silver paper, cardboard, etc) needed.

  • No special logistic measures needed. No cooling tanks or containers, no cooled storage or transport by night time, even in warm climate zones.

  • The product is immune to the normal disadvantages of chocolate: melting or 'rash'.

  • It can be stored and transported over long distances without any special precautions against heat, moisture etc.


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Carmel is a 100% independent and family owned private company. As a leading European company we engineer, manufacture, market, sell, produce and supply innovative confectionery products. Amongst our clients are well known national and international supermarkets, discounters, wholesalers, importers and specialized candy sellers. They sell our products under our own brand as well as under private label.